Thanks to Bonnie Burns over at My Bottom Smarts (click the above image for the link), I’m dusting off this blog to say hello to any loyal readers who might still be around. Kat and Natalie’s first two books (The Way Home and Lighting the Way) may be published, but the third one is still in the works.

(Disclaimer: this is the fictional blog of Kat and Natalie, two college roommates who became best friends and life partners. Links to their books can be found on Anastasia Vitsky’s blog.)

And now a word from Kat:

Hi! I haven’t really gotten used to the idea of a blog, but I’m going to start writing some stories of what happens with me and my best friend, Natalie. We met each other in college, and…well…we have a relationship that we couldn’t tell to anyone we know. Natalie is my best friend, but she’s also my protector and sometimes really, really bossy. She offered to stop…you know…doing “that” once, but I didn’t want her to. Still, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to live by her rules.

What about you? Do you ever wish you were or weren’t in this kind of relationship? Where…you know…spankings happen?




Kat and Natalie wish a happy LOL Day!


10 thoughts on “Kat and Natalie wish a happy LOL Day!

  1. catrouble says:

    Happy LOL Day Kat and Nat! Hope to hear more from the two of you! 😉


  2. Katie says:

    Happy LOL Day, Kat and Nat!!! I look forward to reading all about your future adventures!

    Yes there are definitely times that I could do with out the spankings. Rob does call me Katie T! I do like those fun ones, however! Behave now! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie

  3. I’m looking very much forward to some more stories about your relationship with Natalie, Kat! I think all spanking relationships (or at least the ones I’m familiar with) are a catch 22. We long for those spankings and hate them when we get them. Or maybe we love to hate them even though they bring tremendous relief.

  4. Michael says:

    Hello Kat and Nat. First time on your site and am looking forward to reading your stories. Happy LOL Day!

  5. MrBBSpanker says:

    I think this may be the first time I’ve been to your blog!
    I look forward to coming back often 🙂
    Happy LOL Day,
    # MrBBSpanker

  6. ronniesoul says:

    Happy LOL day.

    Look forward to stopping by again.


  7. Hermione says:

    Hi Nat and Kat,

    Happy LOL 8 day! I haven’t been here for a while.


  8. Ummmm I always wish I didn’t have to follow rules….Nah that isn’t true!
    I want to hear more about you guys, so write!!

  9. Tim says:

    happy lol day nice spankies blog ,love and spanks,Tim

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